• Alkaline/Rechargeable
  • Automotive
  • Coin Cell
  • Cordless
  • Cycle - ATV - PWC
  • Digital - Photo
  • Heavy Duty Commercial
  • RV - Marine - Golf Cart
  • Sealed Lead Acid
  • Recycling
  • Solar - Portable Power


AA,AAA,C,D and 9 volt size batteries all come in single use and rechargeable, and in a variety of different chemistries.

Primary or Single use

The most common chemistry today is the 1.5 volt alkaline. Best used in applications requiring constant power i.e. flashlights, clocks, etc. Sold individually or in bulk you can purchase 12 or more AA or AAA alkaline for as low as 40¢ each.

Secondary or Rechargeable

As the name states these batteries are rechargeable. They are available in a wide range of chemistries. Recommended applications are those requiring more energy over a relatively short period of time i.e. CD players, digital cameras.

Reduce the number of batteries discarded in landfills. 1 rechargeable = 1,000 alkaline batteries

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Tip: Batteries do not need to be refrigerated. For maximum life, store at room temperature in a dry place. Don’t mix old and new batteries or different types when replacing spent batteries.



  • Made in the USA

  • Highest Quality 

In our 46 plus years in the battery industry, we have handpicked only the highest quality and most reliable manufacturers to include in our product line.

We provide you the best batteries in the market.

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Coin Cell 


  • Hearing Aid           
  • Key Fob
  • Clock
  • Mechanical
  • Watch
  • Toys
  • Calcultator
  • Small Electronics           
  • Handheld games
  • Voting Machines 
  • PDA´s
  • And the list goes on!

We carry all sizes. Bring in the device or give us a call and we can meet your need.


We stock batteries for the most common phones. For those that are hard to find we can build your cordless battery pack in our store. Custom packs available for all configurations and applications.

Save time and money- bring in your old battery today.

Cycle - ATV - PWC (Personal Watercraft)


  • Full range of sizes

  • Best prices

  • Best Warranty 

Visit one of our stores to get the battery you need at the Best Price and Warranty around

Ask about Our CTEK Chargers.  The World's smartest charger to get the best life from your Cycle/ATV/PWC battery

Digital - Photo


Tip: We recommend purchasing batteries made specifically for photo/digital applications. They will perform better and last longer.

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Heavy Duty Commercial


  • Made in the USA

  • Highest Quality

Trucking, Farming and Industrial Equipment

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National Battery Sales the most experienced Battery Company in Utah

RV - Marine - Golf Cart


To start your watercraft we recommend a Marine Starting Battery. National Battery Sales line of Marine batteries will meet or exceed most specifications

To power your Golf Cart or run your RV/Marine accessories, fish finders, stereo equipment etc.. We recommend our Deep Cycle line.

Tip: Always choose the battery with the highest Amp Hour Rating you can fit into the space available. And store your seasonal batteries fully charged to ensure longest run time between charges.


Tip: To prolong seasonal battery life we recommend using our CTEK Smart Charger/Maintainer.

We are your charging experts!

Contact our technician for a recommendation.


  • Emergency Lighting
  • Burglar/Fire alarm
  • Test and Measuring equipment
  • Ride on Toys
  •  Metal Detectors
  • Remote monitoring
  • Solar Power
  • Robotics
  • Invisible Fencing
  • Wheel chair/Scooter
  • ...And many more




Low self discharge and Spill proof (no flowing liquid) unlimited sizes

Tip: It is never recommended to use a conventional charger even if it is an automatic charger. Use ONLY Smart Chargers with a microprocessor control.

We are a distributor for Power Sonic sealed lead acid batteries, the highest quality manufacturer in the business

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Environmental Benefits

recycleLead-acid batteries are the environmental success story of our time. More than 97 percent of all battery lead is recycled. Compared to 55% of aluminum soft drink and beer cans, 45% of newspapers, 26% of glass bottles and 26% of tires, lead-acid batteries top the list of the most highly recycled consumer product.

The lead-acid battery gains its environmental edge from its closed-loop life cycle. The typical new lead-acid battery contains 60 to 80 percent recycled lead and plastic. When a spent battery is collected, it is sent to a permitted recycler where, under strict environmental regulations, the lead and plastic are reclaimed and sent to a new battery manufacturer. The recycling cycle goes on indefinitely. That means the lead and plastic in the lead-acid battery in your car, truck, boat or motorcycle have been - and will continue to be -- recycled many, many times. This makes lead-acid battery disposal extremely successful from both environmental and cost perspectives.

At National Battery Sales we’ve been recycling since 1966, long before recycling became the responsible thing to do. We ship to EPA approved smelters only. Bring us all your used batteries. We recycle everything we sell.

 Lead removal  (Hygenall)

Heavy metals are found

  • hygenallIn the Work place....

Hygenall makes it easy to protect yourself from toxic metals and prevents toxic hand-off to other objects or people outside the workplace. With the increasing use of heavy metals like lead and mercury in everything from computers to fluorescent light bulbs. Don’t pass these on to objects or to family members.

  • On the Firing Range….

Make Hygenall a part of your gear. Hygenall wipes trap toxic metals and remove germs. Just rinse and enjoy your sport... and the peace of mind that you and your family are safe from toxic exposure.

Remove these metals by washing with Hygenall. Hygenall, a world class solution for removing lead and other toxic metals from skin and surfaces.  Only Hygenall goes beyond regular soap and water to gently clean skin by removing lead (and other toxic metals), dirt, and most common Germs. No other product does this.

Available at National Battery Sales stores in wipes or spray.

Luna LED Light


Key Features:

 1 watt LED with 10 bulbs

 Rated for 20,000 hours of use

 Can be powered from GOAL ZERO power packs or any USB

 9” snake-like bendable cord lets you secure Luna around objects



 Guide 10 Plus

Key Features:g10plus

 Charge AA/AAA batteries from the sun in 6 hours with Nomad 3.5 solar panel or 2 hours from the Nomad 7

 Recharge your cell phone 1-3 times per charge

 Built-in LED flashlight that runs 20+ hours per charge

 Stores power for charging devices day or night

 Can also charge via USB

 Includes 4 pack of AA rechargeable batteries

 AAA Batter insert available with AAA battery purchase



 Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit

Key Features:


Best Selling USB Solar Charging Kit to Keep Yourself Powered On the Go

  •  Keep your power hungry phone juiced and ready for you to use
  •  More Angry Birds! Power up your tablet for 25% longer
  •  Never buy batteries again. Recharge up the AA or AAA batteries right from the sun
  •  Just add sun. Small and compact enough to carry with you always and power up anywhere
  •  Handy built-in LED flashlight to help you search in your dark backpack or purse
  •  AA rechargeable batteries included


Nomad 7

Key Features:

  •  Solar charge your cell phone in 1 to 2 hours. Just as fast as the wall
  •  Use solar power with USB or 12V devices
  •  Collect 7 Watts of power from the sun
  •  Protect devices with built-in pocket
  •  Foldable rugged design
  •  Weather resistant




 Rock Out 2 Portable Speaker

Key Features:RO2edited

  •  Rechargeable MP3 and Laptop speaker
  •  Charges directly from Nomad 7 or USB
  •  Wooden sound box and bass speakers deliver a full range of high quality sound
  •  Has internal battery so it won’t drain your device’s power
  •  Weather resistant



 Rock Out 2 SOLAR Portable Speaker

Key Features:

  •  Charges from USB or built in solar panel
  •  Has internal battery so it won’t drain your device’s power
  •  Weather resistant
  •  Chainable to other speakers
  •  10 + hours run time




 Escape 150 Expedition Kit

Key Features:

  •  Store 150 Watts of power with integrated 80 Watt AC Inverter
  •  Charge the escape 150 Power Pack with 30 Watt solar panel briefcase in 6- 10 sun hours
  •  Charge many devices, USB, 12V and AC outputs
  •  High impact plastic solar briefcase with pop-out leg stands for optimal positioning
  •  Light your way with the included bright 3-watt LED Light a Life




Torch 250 Flashlight


Key Features:

  •  250 lumens - spot light, flood light, emergency lights
  •  7-48 hours run time
  •  USB output to charge phone, MP3, other devices
  •  Recharge from built in solar panel, USB, hand crank
  •  10 inches long, 14.4 oz 




Crank Lantern with USB Charging Port

Key Features:lighthouse250-1

  •  USB outport port
  •  Charges by AC, DC, and crank
  •  Lantern mode and alert mode
  •  8 Watt-hour battery
  •  Easy to hang
  •  Charger time: 4 Hours
  •  Run Tim: 5+ Hours




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